Somvaar Ka Vaar – Salman Khan reveals the friends and foes of the house

Somvaar Ka Vaar – Salman Khan reveals the friends and foes of the house

Somvaar Ka Vaar – Salman Khan reveals the friends and foes of the house

Some fun with the team of Made in China on Bigg Boss (1)

The day has arrived and it’s time for two more contestants to bid goodbye to the Bigg Boss house. Taking away the Monday blues, Salman Khan begins the Somvaar Ka Vaar by dancing to the song ‘Duniya Mein Aaye Ho Toh.’ This time around, he gives the contestants a surprise as the audience dedicate a dance performance on ‘Zingaat’ to them just to make them understand that they need to replicate the same energy in their wake-up songs as well.

Mouni Roy & RajKumar Roy shake a leg on Bigg Boss - Copy

Instead of cracking a whip, Salman Khan ‘whips up’ a whirlwind of emotions inside the house through an interesting game. The contestants have to cross out the name that they feel has not been able to strike a connect with the audience. Furthermore, the contestants are put in a tough spot as they are asked to guess which person made a statement about them by spraying on their faces. Some of the explosive revelations come to the fore giving rise to multiple fights.

Salman Khan & Boman Irani take the Odhani challenge on Bigg Boss - Copy
A dollhouse is then introduced wherein the boys have to pick up a doll named after a girl contestant they don’t think deserves to be in the finale and drop it into a bucket. Soon after, the team of the movie Made in China, Mouni Roy, Rajkumar Rai, and Boman Irani grace the stage and interacts with the contestants through my tv. They ask the housemates to convince the audience to buy different products named after them. From Shehnaz Laal Mirch, Paras washing powder to Shefali bed sheets, the contestant pulls out all the strings to sell it with utmost conviction. The fun factor is levelled up as Mouni Roy challenges Salman Khan, Raj Kumar Rao, and Boman Irani to do the ‘Odhni Challenge’ and the boys trio display their quirky antics to win it.
Salman Khan and Mouni Roy in Bigg Boss

As the episode comes to a close, Salman Khan announces the name of the evicted contestants albeit with a twist leaving everyone bewildered. Who will step out of the house this time around?

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