Sohail Khan helps Dr.Nandita Desai use art to protect elderly EVENT AND PICS

Poet-painter gets Sohail Khan’s support, gives proceeds for charity

Nature has always intrigued Dr.Nandita Desai, a painter-poet-educationist rolled into one. In her current series, the inspiration has been the greens, something that Dr.Desai worries will be extinct if we do not take steps to preserve it today. Hence, Nandita has captured all that she loves in various shadows of Green. Whether it be the vales, the flowers, the trees, the plants, the shrubs or the occasional creeper that tries to attract your attention with its curves, Nandita has used the brush as a magic wand to preserve those moments of time in frozen frames.

What happens when Desai and the benevolent Sohail Khan chance to meet? If Salman Khan chooses to paint, Sohail Khan, who confesses that “I cannot even draw a straight line” more than did his bit when he along with sufi singers Mudasir Ali and Victoria Polyakova, actor Vaishali Desai,artists Prafulla Dahanukar and Varsha Vyas, Aashish Vyas and Anusha Srinivasan Iyer of Art Buy Appointment Gallery, helped sell paintings for charity at Gallery Art Buy Appointment, and initiative to help young artists achieve their dreams.

In a simple event where Sohail managed to take out time between his shoot,the actor spent time talking to media and helping Nandita move her art for charity.

Said Nandita, “Earth,to me, is a living organism… ever changing,ever colourful and embodying the celebration of life. Nature vows me and inspires my creative spirit.Its energy leads me on an artistic journey.The idea is to look at what we see as nomal today may not be there at all tomorrow. If we need to have a tomorrow, we must protect our environment today,” she reasons. The proceeds  go to  charity towards Save Earth NGO and the elderly.