Jungle Cry_Poster

A film based on a true story of 12 Indian boy who went on to make history by being the first ever Indian team to win a rugby nations championship.

The official trailer of the movie will be launched at 2019 FESTIVAL DE CANNES.

The film ‘Jungle Cry’, a Hollywood / Bollywood production, is due to be released in July 2019. The official trailer and poster will be unveiled during the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. ‘Jungle Cry’ showcases a triumphant journey of young tribal boys who used to play sports bare foot, were trained to play Rugby in just four months and then go on to win the International Junior Rugby Tournament held in England in 2007.

Societe Generale, supporting rugby since 1987, is partnering with Rugby India since 2016 to harnesses talent from the grassroots and build strong national teams by taking them to their highest international level. For Antoine Castel, Chief Executive Officer for Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking in India: “The message conveyed by ‘Jungle Cry’ is completely aligned with Societe Generale’s involvement
in Rugby especially in India. In a year where we are also supporting Rugby World Cup 2019 happening in Asia for the first time ever, this story, taken to the most disadvantaged communities, is giving a sense of empowerment and self-belief and also helping these youngsters achieve their dreams.”

Director Sagar Ballary adds, “This is my first sports biopic as a director and it’s indeed a special one as the film is as authentic and organic as it can be. Being a true story, our film is blessed to capture teenage rugby players on the field to brand partners such as Societe Generale, that has a rich rugby lineage. Societe Generale is synonymous with iconic moments in Rugby World Cup’s history and I was extremely excited to reignite this powerful combination when we were at Wales. Followers of the sport know the bank’s valuable contribution to the game.”

Lead actor Abhay Deol comments, “I am elated that Societe Generale with more than 30 years of rich global Rugby lineage has come onboard to showcase this spellbinding adventure of the rise of the underdogs winning the game at a global level. Societe Generale is driven by the engaging promise in the statement ‘The Future is You’ where they want to empower individuals to build their own destinies. The
children are the future of a country and our film is a vehicle that has captured their passion, achievement and the progress they have made for India. “

Producer Prashant Shah comments, “The story of Jungle Cry has been filmed in India and Wales. The partnership with Societe Generale in the movie has been so realistic because they have truly been supporting Rugby globally. The fact that this sports biopic has managed to draw such relevant and vital brands with worldwide reputation has enhanced the enthusiasm levels of cast and crew.”

Societe Generale has been a steadfast partner of rugby in France since 1987, a commitment which has spread to many of the countries in which the Group is present and continued support to the Rugby World Cup for the sixth time in 2019 as a Worldwide Partner and Official Bank. Societe Generale has successfully introduced the World Rugby’s ‘Get into Rugby’ program in India that has reached over 1.5 million new participants.

This project has ranked India No 2 globally and No 1 in Asia Pacific region in terms of Rugby participants. Rugby is truly changing the lives of the Indian youth and its helping build a legacy and a pathway for the future of a game.