Snippet on hollywood actress Kate Beckinsale

Not heavy action scenes, not daredevil stunts. It was Kate Beckinsale’s trademark sexy leather costume that posed one of the biggest challenges on the sets of her next release Underworld Awakening coming almost a decade after the previous Underworld film that she starred in.


“It was actually a bit funny. You put anything on that you first put on nine years before and you kind of go, ‘Bloody hell, I hope it fits!’ I was rather relieved that it was fine. But it was a bit of a time-travel moment,” she said.


Kate also had a hard time doing an underwater scene wearing the tight corset as it diminished her lung capacity. “It’s very hard when you’ve got a corset on to take a big enough breath to actually be underwater for very long. So that was kind of tough. But it was a pretty smooth shoot, I have to say.”