The duo, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, put up a rare unseen comedy in 1997 with Men in black, the first movie in the series. This science fiction comedy flick was much liked by the audience and was followed by its sequel Men in Black II  in 2002.  Audience had missed out on this well cooked chemistry between the cool dude J and dry, direct K. But now this sultry team is back in action after 10 years with Men In Black™ 3 where Agent J and Agent K will be seen chasing past.

“The Men in Black movies are about the relationship between J and K,” says Will Smith, who returns to one of his signature and favorite roles, Agent J.  “This movie brings that home – it’s about the power and origin of their relationship.” Tommy Lee Jones, who again dons the suit and shades to play Agent K, says, “The relationship between J and K has been both contentious and affectionate throughout the movies.”

The movie will hit the Indian theatres on May 25th and apparently is the most eagerly awaited Hollywood flick of the year.