SMAAASH and Indian Football Team Captain Sunil Chhetri honour the ‘Real’ Football Champion

SMAAASH and Indian Football Team Captain Sunil Chhetri honour the ‘Real’ Football Champion

18 year old Henderson Dias scores 6 consecutive goals & wins the Goalie Guacamole Challenge at SMAAASH

 Play Real. Win Real

SMAAASH, the city’s highly immersive gaming and entertainment zone known to engage their fans by hosting exciting challenges, felicitated the efforts of Henderson Dias, who won the Goalie Guacamole Challenge at SMAAASH recently.


The test at the Goalie Guacamole is to challenge the supersonic goalkeeper in a penalty shootout, and take away a Harley Davidson home by scoring 6 consecutive goals. Henderson an 18 year old student cleared this challenge and shot 6 consecutive goals against the supersonic robotic goal-keeper thus winning the Goalie Guacamole Challenge.To grace the celebration, Indian Football professional- Mr. Sunil Chhetri and Vice-Chairman  SMAAASH- Mr. Abhishek Javeri were present at the gathering, and affectionately congratulated and applauded Henderson’s efforts at play.


Mr Shripal Morakhia, Founder of SMAAASH commented “SMAAASH has always offered a mix of innovative games and interactive sports. We like to believe that SMAAASH encourages every sport aficionado to come over, show their talent and more necessarily enjoy the game. Be it cricket, football, racing or paintball, with an aim to provide active entertainment to people we are trying our best to engage them with competitive gaming and highly aspirational gratification.”

Sunil Chhetri added “It is good to see SMAAASH taking initiatives to encourage enthusiasts and the talent across the city, to come over and have an experience in gaming like never before. I am glad to be a part of this celebration and my hearty congratulations go out to Henderson who performed brilliantly at this football challenge.”

Featuring activities for men, women and children, SMAAASH combines the best of sports, music, dining and relaxation into an entertainment experience for the entire family across all age groups.

The latest highlight at SMAAASH is the recently launched thrill zone consisting of all new games like Rodeo Bull, Arcade Games for Adults, Paintball and Motion Simulators.  The Thrill zone ensures a adrenaline pumping experience for all its guests, and is undoubtedly the zone that will keep the thrill-junkies hooked.