KailashKher, a renowned Indian Sufi singer who recently released his latest musicalbum “Rangeele” which literally means “Colorful”, is going to spread thecolorful melodies of this album across the states of UK as he takes a tour ofUK cities from April4th – 9th, 2012.

On April 4th the band will beperforming in the Symphony Hall, Birmingham. The tickets forthe show can be booked in advance on the site

Wayback in 2009 the band Kailasa had mesmerized the UK audience with their soulfulmelodies and now they are back yet again with a brand new album and moresoulful songs. Kailash Kher will not onlybe performing on his hits like ‘Allah Ke Bandey’, ‘Teri Deewani’ and‘Saiyyaan’, but will also rejuvenate the crowd with the classics ofNusrat Fateh Ali Khan such as ‘Sanu Ek Pal Chain Na Ave’ and ‘Ishq KaRutba’ and at the same time showering the crowd with the colors of love  and spiritualism from his latest album “Rangeele”.

Saregama Events is the official partnersfor this forthcoming Kailash Kher UK tour. O2 is on board asassociate sponsor, Sony Entertainment Television Asia as mediapartner and BBC Asian Network as radio partner. Joining themare The-NRI as online partner and Chilli Tickets asonline ticket agent.

Afterthe UK tour the audience of USA will also get the experience of this rhythmicride that Kailasa will take them on from 3rd week of April to May.