Simulation training must to enhance doctor performance, says Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Simulation training must to enhance doctor performance, says Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan

WORLD SIMULATION SOCIETY launched to encourage cooperation among world bodies and experts across multiple medical disciplines

 The major medical conference brings together top doctors  and anesthesiologists to discuss role of simulation of medical situations for training & performance testing.

New Delhi,  Launching the World Simulation Society (WSS) in the conference of the Society of Cardiac Anesthesiology (SCA) here today, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan endorsed greater focus on simulation training facilities for doctors and medicine students to encourage better learning and practice. “I am happy to learn that India is keeping pace with global technical advancements and the simulation training facilities will go a long way to facilitate doctors and students to learn and practice more comfortably and precisely.”

“All the stakeholders need to work in tandem and focus on prevention of diseases.  It is time for us to think out of the box and contribute in a big way to change the health scenario in the country,” he added.

A book titled “Clinical Simulation in Medicine “written by Dr Poonam Malhotra Kapoor, Secretary WSS and SCA, Delhi and NCR; and edited by Dr Naveen C Nanda and Dr Yatin Mehta was released on the occasion by Dr Harsh Vardhan.

Top doctors and anesthesiologists from across the nation came together in a day-long medical conference of the Society of Cardiac Anesthesiology to discuss the importance of simulation in medical science through which medical emergencies are re-created for the purpose of training and performance testing.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Simulation & its Role in Medical Science: Setting New Frontiers’. In line with the conference’s theme, a major announcement was made during the day-long event – that of the formation of the World Simulation Society — with support from leading International and National experts from across the world.

The 5th Annual Conference of the Society of Cardiac Anesthesiology was inaugurated today by Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Dr Harsh Vardhan, in the presence of Dr Bishnu Panigrahi, National President, SCA Delhi and NCR and Group Head-Medical Operations, Fortis Healthcare Limited; Dr M C Misra, Director, AIIMS; Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman & MD, Medanta -The Medicity; and Dr. Balram Airam,Chief C T Centre, AIIMS.

While Dr Naveen C Nanda is the International President of the World Simulation Society, Dr Yatin Mehta has been selected its National President. The event organized by Society of Cardiac Anesthesiology in collaboration with international Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, ECMO Society Of India, Indian Academy of Echocardiography & PediSTARS India.

Simulation in medicine is referred to the artificial representation of a complex real-world process or medical condition such as Trauma and Emergency to serve the purpose of training and performance testing. It is a process that lends a touch of practice to a clinician. Ideally, the more simulation exercises a clinician has attended, the more adept he or she should be to respond to real life emergency situations. The basic aim of simulation is to facilitate learning by exposing a medical practitioner to a clinical scenario and enabling her to respond in the best way possible. This mechanism involves practice minus the risks inherent in a similar real-life experience.

“Much like military exercises help equip an army to respond in the best way in a real battlefield, simulation in medical science plays a crucial role in equipping clinicians to deal with real time medical situations in a better way,” says Dr Poonam Malhotra Kapoor, Secretary WSS.

Adequate training of clinicians has direct impact on the quality of service. It reduces errors and promotes adoption of best practices.

“Simulation is one of the most exciting applications of technology to the life sciences. In the present age, it offers computer based solutions for recreating experiences and processes. Simulation in Anesthesia has revolutionized the teaching outlook,” she says.

The day-long event included a series of workshops on simulation in different medicinal specialties including Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE), Paediatrics, Trauma and Critical Care, Pulmonology, and many others.

About Society of Cardiac Anesthesiology (Delhi & NCR)

Society of Cardiac Anesthesiology (Delhi & NCR) was formed in February 2009, thirteen years after the formation of the parent body –IACTA (Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Anesthesiologists). The aim of the society is primarily to enhance the scientific and academic status of anesthesiologists in our region and provide an opportunity for wider interaction amongst them.