Silky Khanna- An Act For All Seasons

  Silky Khanna- An Act For All Seasons

For someone on edge like actor Silky the big screen is the place to be & she makes no bones about it. “It’s important to be a performer. Getting noticed for a small gesture that adds to the scene is what I look for in my part. I know I can do a variety of roles & get noticed for them”. Blessed with a sunshine smile & eye- catching features, her unique gifts,pretty faced Silky can fluff up a super show every time she faces the camera.

Her fun-loving mindset cannot be away for long. “I do not take my talent lightly”, she chips in good-humoredly.

You have seen Silky endorsing many of the top brands on the tube. Sample this
for appearances- Ujala Techno with Sachin Tendulkar,RIN with Kajol, Pepsi with Ranbir,Parle G with Aamir come to mind immediately-leading brands with the best names in the business. “Ad’s have great recall value. You will always remember actors associated with a product,” she avers.

For the plump Delhi born Punjaban life has been a kind of dream run. From
Television serials to the advertising arena to working with the top cinema makers it’s all been happening for Silky- and boy is she thrilled! “Always Kabhie Kabhie” & “Love Express” her films have given her the podium she was seeking.

Silky is gung-ho about her freshest “Chalo Driver” where she stars opposite Manoj Pahwa & plays the aunt of the lead actress in this out-of-the-box Rom-com. “I am sure it is my best film till date & will get me noticed. Writer-Director Vickrant Mahajan, is a great guy to work with. I adore fresh ideas for stories & Vickrant has really gone against the grain to come up with this delightful plot. I would love to be a part of his future directorial ventures”, she gushes.

Quiz her about her future plans & she says, “I would love to do properly defined characters rather than make inane appearances in every release. “As a comedian & character actor I know there is space for the taking in tinsel-town. Producers insist that I “maintain my figure”. Anyway, there is no dearth of any of these skinny lasses frolicking around. They are no match for me”, she says tongue firmly in cheek.

Silkys character, Manorama, in the popular TV series “Lo Ho Gayee Pooja Is Ghar Ki” was very well received & gave her the initial stimulus & confidence. “My series was aired for a year on Sab TV. The good thing apart from the experience was that it gave me the practice & poise to face the camera. I took things easy for a while as my son Utsav was born at the time as I wanted to give him all my attention. Utsav is 13 today & I feel I can go all the way to pursue my dreams”.

With appearances opposite the who’s who of the country Silky is confidence
personified. “I found Ranbir to be great company. He is suave & his boyish charm is to die for. I am doing a film with Ranbir for Dharma Productions. Deepika plays the lead. I cannot wait for the film to begin” she reveals.

“I am also doing one for Yashraj Films. I’m really wound up. After all, they are
amongst the top film banners in the country. I am also keen to share screen space with the big Khan’s Salman & Shahrukh. Who wouldn’t want to work with them”? She chugs on.

Acting apart Silky is a sucker for dance & loves being a part of the disco
scene. “Dance helps me unwind & rejuvenate. It really gives me a high when I hit the floor”.

For now the world is her floor as she strides into the celluloid world armed with
her talent & dash for life.