Sidharth in demand amongst Travel Bloggers.

Sidharth in demand amongst Travel Bloggers.

Sidharth Malhotra...

Reason being, the actor who recently had turned the brand ambassador for NZ is still making news for same. The actor who spent days in the country exploring the place was closely being observed by the travel bloggers. Now, the bloggers are keen to have Sidharth share his experience on how did the actor prep for the crazy water rides that the audiences saw a glimpse of. Through this the travelers can get an insight of how the process functions.
Spokesperson confirmed and added, “The team is receiving several request from travel bloggers across. They are very keen on Sidharth sharing his first hand experience of the trip”. Sidharth’s team is getting several requests for same. The actor even met the president John Key who gifted Sidharth their team’s journey All Blacks to the actor. Sidharth was constantly seen uploading a brief glimpse of his entire trip to the country which served as a treat to all his audiences. Sidharth who is an outsider and hails from Delhi has made a huge mark in the industry of Bollywood and is the youngest actor to have represent a country!