Shruti Sancheti Presents”THAR” At LFW Winter/Festive 2012

Shruti Sancheti Presents”THAR” At LFW Winter/Festive 2012


The majestic desert of Thar occupying a large part of Rajasthan , Gujarat and parts of Pakistan boast’s of an unsurpassed and glorious legacy. Against the backdrop of dusty land and sun soaked skies, the dexterous people of the region adorn opulent costumes, with kaleidoscope of colors, intricate embroidery, skilled dyeing and printing techniques and traditional crafts. The collection “Thar” is inspired by the vibrant culture of the region, their passion for folk dance and music and the majestic history and heritage of the region, however instead of focusing on the royalty, the source of inspiration are the nomadic tribes of the desert region.

Shruti’ s show began with a very adequate audio visual on Thar. This was followed by a dancer who combined the Rajasthani, Gujarati and Sufi dance forms amidst applauses. As models walked the runway with appreciation from the audience, the finale came with the versatile Shaina NC making her debut.
As a woman of substance, and as a patron of the Indian sari, herself, Shaina NC, Social Activist and Politician, jewellery and fashion designer by profession, supported Shruti in the endeavour to revive the heritage of Indian textiles and saris.
Kiron Kher loved Shruti’s head accessory and and took to wearing it as well. There were the Jindals, Azmina Rahimtoola, Dolly Thakore, Smita Thackrey and actor Madhu who appretiated Shruti’s collection.
The look is very nomadic and rustic. A very intricate form of Shibori (tie n dye) is used in the collection where fabric is folded , pleated, tied and stitched to achieve various designs. The shibori used in this particular collection is a combination of traditional techniques along with a more inventive stitch resistant technique(a specific kind of technique carried out by a co-operative in Nebsarai village ). The stark appeal of specific and traditional shibori motifs with intricate and shaded detailing on the fabric are compelling feature of our designs.
The surface ornamentation of this collection is bought in form of “Sindhi Tanka” or “Kutchi Stitch”, which is painstakingly carried out exclusively in this region, as a part of their varied culture using malice cross and interlacing . Other embroidery techniques imparting a tribal look like buttonhole, herringbone, chain have also been extensively used.

Another striking element which is specific to this region i.e. negative appliqués are an integral part of the collection and has been used for detailing and traditional appliqués in form of geometric patterns have also been used for hemlines and edgings.
Besides these three striking elements, various handloom fabrics have been used from the treasure trove of Indian handicrafts. The color palette is vibrant and particular to the region in form of fresh Reds, Fuchsia, Burnt orange, Alphanso yellow, Indigo, Deep purple’s, Emerald green etc. however contemporary colors like Olive, Tangerine, Peach have found their way in the collection. .
Layering is a strong element of the collection, keeping in mind that India has just 2months of winter, by addition or subtraction of these detachable garments, the outfits can be versatile and timeless and can be worn in different ways in different seasons. The silhouettes are contemporary yet have a strong dose of tradition in form of Angrakhas, Ghaghri’s, Kedia’s, Choli’s , long asymmetrical dresses, Chuga’s, quilted Jackets, Saris teamed with Jodhpur pants, Cowl pants, Ijjars, Trouser’s , churidaar’s etc.

The collection is extensively using strong Indian elements and promoting natural dyes and contemporary craft techniques integrating craft, quality and design innovation. The look is perfect for a woman, who during the upcoming festive season wants to flaunt her heritage, yet is unconventional, is bit of a nomad trapped in the confines of the urban world and she who takes pride in the rich legacy of craft, weaves and surface ornamentation that her country has to offer.

Profile of Shruti Sancheti
Shruti Sancheti is an all-rounder, being a teacher at the fashion instuute in Nagpur to starting her own fashion label as well as being a MBA and a mother of 2 children.
Shruti Sancheti is based out of Nagpur and married to a well politically connected family.  She was extremely inclined towards designing right from childhood.  She has studied extensively and has done her MBA as well as honors in history.  She was married at a very young age, but due to her family support, she in the newly opened JD institute of fashion technology, for an advanced diploma when her daughter was just six months.  After which, she enrolled for a one year diploma in textile design from INIFD(stood first),followed by a one year diploma in jewellery design from JD INST of fashion technology.
After studying, she got into teaching at INIFD as their Head of Designing.  She got into designing to show students that there was a lot of scope in Fashion Designing in Nagpur.  Currently she is working with Lad College(the most prestigious  college of Nagpur) as lecturer in masters of fashion design, as well as a paper and module setter for Nagpur university.  Along with this, she writes columns for local dailies.
Shruti Sancheti has also represented India at the Hong Kong World  Boutique with her latest collection titled “Royale Regalia” on the 16th of January 2012.  She also has taken part in Lakme Fashion Week Talent Box Summer Resort 2012.