Shruti Hassan’s learning to be a guitarist

Having studied at the Musicians Institute in California,Shruti who is also the vocalist of an alternative rock band ‘The Extramentals’, is now learning to play the guitar and has bought herself a swanky new instrument –

While the actress-musician is an ace pianist, she is now keen on learning to play the guitar, so much so, that she is practicing it on her own, minus any music lessons ,given her lack of time to devote to it with her hectic schedule.

Says Shruti “I’m a musician, so it was very important that I learn to play a musical instrument. I’m really comfortable with the piano. Also, as a singer and a composer I always depended on the piano. I’ve wanted to learn to play the guitar for quite a while now. I just bought myself one and until I find the time to start music lessons, I’m going to learn to play it myself”