Shruti Haasan – special guest at Iliayaraja concert on Jan 20, 2015

Shruti Haasan – special guest at Iliayaraja concert on Jan 20, 2015

Shruti Haasan will be seen attending Iliayaraja’s 1000 film celebration in Mumbai tomorrow

The occasion will have Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth present as part of the commemoration.An Insider source mentioned that Shruti will be present at the event alongside her father and to cheer on Raja Sir who she made her debut with as a singer at the age of 6 for her dad’s Tamil film The car Magan – the original version of Virasat. She has subsequently done tonnes of songs with Raja Sir.

The occasion also marks the music launch of Shamitabh for which Shruti has sung a very catchy track called Sanatta – the soft launch of which has not only become the albums biggest hot but also a chart topper for 2015 so far.

Sannata as a vibe is very different from the song she sang earlier this year Joganiyan for Tevar which also was a runaway success as a romantic yet rockish love ballad. Sanatta is very young, contemporary, edgy and quirky – very much like the musical vibe of Shruti. It has names of various contemporary singers, lyricists, actors and musicians as part of it’s lyrics along with elements of beatboxing as part of the background music making it very cool and interesting. The makers are hence hoping to use the success of Joganiyan and the edginess of this track showcasing yet another aspect of Shruti and therefore their own repertoire.

Shruti will be seen gracing the occasion in solidarity for Raja Sir and her sister Akshara who makes her debut with Shamitabh alongside her father Kamal Haasan.

Well looks like 2015 is already promising to be fabulous for this stunning lass – 6 releases pan India, two successful playback tracks – Joganiyan and Sannata and lots more!