SHREE is sitting on the edge Thiller says Rajesh Bachchani who debut’s as a Director !

Shree is a sitting on the edge Thriller says Rajesh Bachchani who debut’s as a Director !

Rajesh Bachchani, who has worked on serials like Shhhhh Koi Hai, Kahani saat Pheron Ki, Comedy Circus, Nach le etc and films like Gayab, is making his directorial debut with Hindi feature film ‘SHREE’, releasing all over on 26th April. Produced by Vikram M Shah under the banner of CIEMME Entertainment Pvt Ltd, ‘SHREE’ is directed by Rajesh Bachchani. Besides Hussain Kuwajerwala, other star cast of the film includes Anjali Patil, Paresh Ganatra, Paritosh Sand, Shivani Tanksale, Rio Kapadia, Jeetedra & others.

Produced under the banner of CIEMME Entertainment Pvt Ltd in association with Filmy Tadka Productions, its written and directed by Rajesh Bachchani, Editor is Noor Memon and DOP is Subhranshu Das. Its Music is given by Talaash-The Band of Seekers and Claver Menezes while background music is by Vikas Vishwakarma. Its Executive producer is Chetan N. Bafna and associate Co-producer is Bharti Bachchani.

Give us a little professional brief of self?

Rajesh Bachchani: I am working in this entertainment industry from last 12 years. In these 12 years I have assisted in few films and have written various TV shows… recently, I wrote two animation films, which are yet to release.

From where did the idea of SHREE came?

Rajesh Bachchani: Trust me, I never understand ki ideas aate kaha se hai, it just comes. One fine day, this idea also come… just like that. But while developing it, I had only one aim, which was to write a story which surprises or shocks even me after every minute.. Idea was, if I get  these ‘Jhatkas’ while writing, audience will also get it while watching.

How was your experience as a film director?

Rajesh Bachchani: I don’t know how to put that into words, it was such a mixed experience… hmm… it was a mixture of excitement and exertion. It needed passion, patience and proper preparation. I had to keep both ‘Dil and Dimaag’ ON, while making the film. Now, due to the support of my entire team, it turned out to be a smooth process.

Was there any difference between the two medium?

Rajesh Bachchani: Actually, for both the format one has to put equal amount of hard-work and talent. The only difference is, in television if one episode doesn’t work out good, you can anytime try to make next one a masterpiece. But in Film, there is ‘no second chance’.  If your product is good, you can be at a top, if not, you can be thrown also. In TV, you go ahead as per audiences’ reaction, while in film you have to guess the reaction in advance.

Is there any incident you recall while shooting for the film?

Rajesh Bachchani: Yup there are many. During one of the shoot at a height, we needed to take the generator up on the hill for four days. We smartly filled the tank and tried to take it up, but it was too loaded to go up. We asked for extra truck to pull it up, but that too did not work.  Finally we had to remove diesel and take it up while diesel was carried separately in smaller quantities. In trying to save time we landed up wasting 4-5 hours.

How was the working experience with your star cast ?

Rajesh Bachchani: Our full team was working first time together… and mostly all of us were first timers… our passion and frequency matched big time. It was great to work with people who understand you and your working pattern.

How would you describe your producer ?

Rajesh Bachchani: For my producer Ciemme Entertainment, I would like to say the same thing which I always say. They are diamond king, and they know how to recognize a real diamond, and by choosing SHREE as their first film, they have proved the same. The best thing is that they have given us much much bigger platform than we had ever imagined. Our whole team is really thankful.

What inspired you to choose a band to give music?

Rajesh Bachchani: Actually in Talaash band, there is a guy named Sanjay, with whom I relate a lot.. He is just like me… bald… 😉 so to have a bald company with me all the time, I chose them. 😉 Jokes apart, Trust me, I had tried almost 7 music directors for Shree, it was Talaash’s work which did justice to my film… so I think it is just their talent and hard work which inspired me to choose them.

Producer, Director and Actor all 3 are debut from SHREE. Comment.

Rajesh Bachchani: All I can say is, it means more passion, more determination, and more hope.

What according to you is USP of this movie SHREE?

Rajesh Bachchani: Undoubtedly Script.

What is your next project in pipe line?

Rajesh Bachchani: I have three scripts ready with me. But they are just scripts yet, not projects. After SHREE, I’ll decide my next project.