Shram Sanskar Chhaoni at Maharogi Sewa Samiti’s Somnath Project from May 15th

Shram Sanskar Chhaoni at Maharogi Sewa Samiti’s Somnath Project
from May 15th

Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora (MSS), founded in 1949 by the internationally
renowned social worker and human rights activist Murlidhar Devidas Amte (popularly known as Baba Amte), is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization empowering over 2.5 million people afflicted with leprosy and other disabilities such as hearing and speech impaired, visually and orthopedically challenged and socially backward tribal populace through an integrated approach of treatment, training and psycho-socio-economic rehabilitation.

Over last six decades, MSS has grown rapidly to become an internationally renowned institution in the field of social work, housing the largest community of leprosy afflicted and people with disabilities in India and perhaps, in the world.

Since its inception in 1967, MSS’ Somnath Project in Chandrapur District of
Maharashtra State has been serving as a Manpower Training Centre and has inspired thousands of youth who come here every year in the scorching heat of summer to attend the ‘Shram Sanskar Chhaoni’, an Annual Event that displays the value of work by involving youth in various laborious tasks. This Chhaoni helps build a positive work culture, secular values, national unity, environment conservation, science movements among youth. Some of these inspired youth have gone on to become institutions in themselves.

This year too, the 47th Annual Chhaoni has been organized at Somnath Project, from 15th to 22nd of May 2013. Everybody is gearing up for this year’s Chhaoni with the hope that it will have maximum participation from all regions of the country. Those who are interested
to participate in the Chhaoni may contact on the following address/email id/mobile numbers
for registration.