Shraddha’s parents’ wish is her command

Shraddha’s parents’ wish is her command

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Shraddha Kapoor recently dropped the idea of buying a bike for herself since her parents were not very sure about the idea. Ever since Shraddha learnt riding the bike for Ek Villain, she has a growing inclination towards it. So much so, that she wanted to buy it for herself. However, her parents, like every other parent, were concerned about the safety of their child.

Two wheelers are not secure enough in case of accidents. When they advised Shraddha to do otherwise, she tried convincing them a little but went ahead with their decision anyway. The actress did not want to do anything without their approval.

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Even the first ever car that she bought was selected by her parents. Her parents are otherwise very open to her trying new and different things and doing what she likes but in some cases, they are just more concerned.

When contacted the spokesperson shares, “Shraddha does not like to say no to her parents. She is extremely respectful and obedient of their wishes since she was a kid. She loves and respects them a lot.”