Shraddha Kapoor’s reminisce her bus journey

Shraddha Kapoor’s reminisce her bus journey 


Shraddha Kapoor was recently spotted in the bus on the streets on Mumbai. It was however for the shoot of one of her upcoming films, OK Jaanu. We heard that the actress thoroughly enjoyed shooting for that particular scene.It is not everyday that you see a star in a public transport.When we spoke to Shraddha about her experience of shooting in the bus, she expressed how she enjoyed it.
The actress felt nostalgic as the bus took her back to the time she was in school. Her school friends and she have some crazy memories of bus rides together that they took during school trips.
Shraddha shares, “I have some fond memories of traveling in the bus with my school friends during trips. Recently when I shot in the bus, this time the public transport, I kept smiling to myself reminscing those days. !!”