Guru of contemporary dance, Shiamak Davar is ready to find talent from across the country, train them and give them a platform to learn the technique and knowledge of various dance styles.

‘There is a plethora of talent in our country but they don’t get the right direction. Half baked knowledge leads to half hearted results, so through the Mega Dance Auditions I will find the people who have the basic ability and then hone their talent through my advance courses’, says Shiamak. His OYP (One Year Intensive Dance Certification Program) and SHP (Shiamak’s Half Yearly Program) programs give an opportunity for dance enthusiasts to learn the finer nuances of performing arts, and get an insight into various dance styles by the best faculty.

Their learning goes beyond just dancing with modules in event management, backstage, production, sound, light, musicology, grooming and nutrition. After the program, the students find a 360 degree change in their ability to perform. With the guru of modern and contemporary dance, Shiamak himself teaching these students; they get a specialized training in Shiamak Style (indo contemporary and modern). With a focus on contemporary, modern and ballet; the course includes Shabop ( Hip Hop & Street Funk), folk, Jazz, Ballroom, Salsa and Bollywood Jazz. With theoretical and practical knowledge, this program gives firsthand experience to students at big shows and events. The stepping stone towards becoming a part of the esteemed Shiamak Davar Dance Company, this is a complete performing arts training.

‘This year I’m also introducing the One Year Intensive Dance Program for juniors (JOY). Kids are extremely receptive at their formative stage, and once they work on flexibility, strength and dance-ability at that age; they grow up to be unbelievable. My junior dance company has wowed audience internationally, and JOY is an opportunity for parents to find the right direction for their kids at a young age’, says Shiamak.

Shahid Kapur, Varun Dhawan, and Vidya Balan are just a few names of Bollywood bigwigs who got their moves right at Shiamak’s academy, there a numerous filmstars, television stars and models who come to Shiamak for dance training. So, if you Have Feet, Shiamak will make you Dance!