SHIAMAK Mega Dance Auditions for Certification Programs!

SHIAMAK Mega Dance Auditions for Certification Programs!

Guru of Dance, Shiamak Davar has been creating professional dancers for over thirty years. His dance academy is the largest in the world and gives an opportunity for dancers to make their passion a profession. Shiamak is ready to find new dance enthusiasts to train and help them get a wholesome perspective on dance and the performing arts.

Dance enthusiasts across the world look forward to Shiamak’s Mega Dance Auditions where he personally selects students for his One Year (OYP) and Half Yearly (SHP) Dance Certification Programs. These programs give an opportunity for dance enthusiasts to learn over ten dance styles by the best faculty and perform with the Shiamak Davar Dance Company. Shiamak himself teaches and takes master classes with these programs. At the end of the One Year Program, selected students become a part of his dance company.

Their learning goes beyond just dancing with modules in event management, backstage, production, sound, light, musicality, audio & video editing, grooming and nutrition. After the course, the students find a 360 degree change in their ability to perform. With the Guru of modern and contemporary dance, Shiamak himself teaching these students, they get a specialized training in Shiamak Style (indo contemporary and modern). With a focus on Contemporary, Modern and Ballet; the course includes Shabop (Hip Hop & Street Funk), Folk, Jazz, Ballroom, Salsa and Bollywood Jazz. With theoretical and practical knowledge, this program gives first-hand experience to students at big shows and events.

The programs focus on technique, training, and knowledge that give individuals a platform to nurture their talent. It is a holistic learning program that lays the foundation to the participants’ journey towards becoming a performing artist.

Each year, the graduating students put up a showcase of their specialization in Shiamak Style. With Breathe, Selcouth and Metaal, these shows have gone on to become the most successful contemporary productions in India. The biggest Bollywood stars, theatre personalities, critics and socialites have watched the shows and been amazed at what a year of training can do to make them look like international dancers with professional know how.

Dance enthusiast from London, Vancouver, Malaysia and over fifteen different cities across India have experienced the OYP. Thousands of applicants send in their entries from around the world to learn dance, culture and build bridges through the performing arts.

So, if you’re looking to learn from the best in the performing arts industry and looking for an opportunity to make your passion a profession, audition at SHIAMAK Mega Auditions on 20th December 2014 at SHIAMAK Dance Studio (Mahalaxmi, Mumbai).