Shiamak Celebrates Dance is a Special Way!

Shiamak Celebrates Dance in a Special Way!

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A Presentation Show that won everyone’s heart, Shiamak Davar through his not for profit organisation showcased that everyone can dance!

Shiamak Davar founded Victory Arts Foundation in 2004 to provide a platform to address social causes and concerns. Victory makes dance available across age, gender, caste, class and ability; without prejudice. Victory endeavours to use the power of dance as a therapeutic medium to bring joy to the underprivileged, physically challenged, mentally challenged, visually impaired, deaf and mute and makes dance a viable and respected career option.

Every year, Victory Arts Foundation puts up a Presentation where The Victory Dance Team, Victory on Wheels and partner NGOs perform on stage. Victory applies Dance as Therapy and the faculty teaches dance at various NGOs. Dance Classes at NGOs program brings the power of Dance Therapy to NGOs working with kids with special needs like the Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autistic and those with Mental Retardation, physically challenged like the Wheelchair Bound, ones on crutches/callipers, Blind, Mute and the Hearing Impaired, emotionally traumatised children of Sex Workers, Orphans and Ex-Child Labourers, senior citizens, women who are victims of Human Trafficking and victims of Domestic Violence, children affected by Sickness or Disease like Cancer, Schizophrenia and HIV, and children in Conflict with Law, Juvenile youth and Institutionalised children.

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“When I started my dance academy, very few parents of kids with mixed needs would send them to classes. About twenty five – thirty years back, a girl with polio came to attend the classes. After a year, she told me she could actually feel her arm move slightly. At first I didn’t understand, but over time I realised that dance has the ability heal, it is actually therapeutic.This is when I decided to start Victory Arts Foundation so more people would be encouraged to dance. With Victory, we took the motto of ‘Have Feet. Will Dance.’ one step further to ‘Have Spirit.Will Triumph.’!”Says Shiamak.

The participants were extremely enthusiastic and are the most excited to be on stage. Honestly, the audience couldn’t see their disability, but look at their ability to overcome everything and perform as stars. They may not have been able to move their hands and feet, but they danced from their soul and we could literally see their spirit fly! The response of the audience was amazing, it really boosted the confidence of all the participants.

The show was like all professional shows. From the music to costumes, choreography to visuals! The only unique factor is that there is a lot of compassion, and there was a true realisation of the ability of this art form to heal. All the participants were so happy, the smile on their faces had the entire audience in awe. From contemporary and Hip Hop to Bollywood, this show had a variety of dance styles. The audience will be amazed by what we think and what we actually saw on stage!