Shekhar Suman To Mark His Directorial Debut With Romantic Medical Thriller Heartless

Shekhar Suman To Mark His Directorial Debut With Romantic Medical Thriller Heartless

The multi-faceted Shekhar Suman is gearing up for the release of his
directorial debut Heartless however, unlike other directors, who often
choose formula films to foray into Bollywood,  Shekhar has chosen a path
less travelled.

Heartless is a romatic medical thriller, which deals with a frightening
medical phenomenon called anaesthesia awareness. When asked to shed some
light on the movie and the phenomenon around which it revolves, Shekhar
stated, ³It¹s a hard-core romantic thriller with a medical background. My
film¹s plot revolves around a phenomenon called anaesthesia awareness and
not many people are aware of it.

It’s a very interesting but frightening phenomenon and one out of a 1000
or may be 10,000 patients experience it. When they are anaesthetised,
because of the anaesthesia effect they become unconscious from the
outside, but remain conscious from within, which means you start hearing
sounds in the Operation Theatre and start experiencing the pain. You shout
for help, but no one can hear you. A lot of people I have spoken with have
admitted to the fact that at one time or the other, they have experienced
it, and they only realised it was anaesthesia awareness when I told them
about it, he further added.

When quizzed why he picked up such a different topic for his directorial
debut, the filmmaker said, I chose this topic because I¹m a doctor’s son
so, it was very natural for me to bring forth a topic which is related to
the medical field. Also these days all the films are very similar to each
other in terms of treatment, narration, the way the songs are shot and
fight sequences. In such a situation, it becomes very important for a
filmmaker, if he wants to create an identity for himself, to pick up such
a topic which the audiences have never seen or experienced before and
anaesthesia awareness is a phenomenon not many people are aware of. It’s a very horrifying situation to be in and I hope no one experiences it.

The much-anticipated movie will feature Shekhar’s son Adhyayan Suman as
the protagonist and he will share scree space with stalwarts like Shekhar,
Om Puri, Deepti Naval and Madan Jain in it. Heartless, which is slated to
release on February 7, next year, will mark the acting debut of Ariana