Shekhar Suman tells team heartless to go fly a Kite – literally.

Shekhar Suman tells team heartless to go fly a Kite – literally.

This year, Shekhar Suman and his ‘Heartless’ gang decided to  Celebrate Makar Sakranti the traditional way, by inviting friends and  Family over to a kite flying and kite cutting competition on their sprawling  Terrace at their Lokhandwala home.

Shekhar who has grown up in Patna reminisces about his childhood, when he was the undisputed kite flying champion in his neighborhood. Mumbai doesn’t have much of a kite flying culture, nor do the buildings have the large terraces and balconies that are needed to fly kites properly — he rues. In Patna on Makar Sakranti you could barely see the sky because of the number of kites that would be plying. Here its’ different.

For Ariana who was born in Afganistan and grew up in New York, this is practically the first time she has flown a kite but after a few false starts and a lot of ribbing she at least managed to keep her kite up, which she laughingly defends is not bad at all, specially with Adhyayan constantly threatening to cut it.

According to Adhyayan he spared her kite only because she seemed to  be enjoying flying it so much. Very gallant of him indeed . So while Shekhar and his friends made the skies of Mumbai a tad more colorful this Sakranti, the only one actually giving him any serious  competition at all was birthday boy Adhyayan who turns 26 today.

 He managed to take down two kites as opposed to Shekhar’s total of four.

 Shekhar Suman Says “ Makarsankranti is part of Indian tradition & culture it is a very auspicious day & since childhood I have been a part of it with my family & friends. I think it is way of connecting with people & saying that we are there for you. These occasions obviously become reasons to be close to each other.”


Adhyayan Suman added  “Makarsankranti…I think it is an amazing event today. I think my dad has flown many kites during his childhood days in Patna. Unfortunately I haven’t got enough of an opportunity to fly kites…But today after years flying a kite has been a wonderful & pleasing experience. This festival is all about healthy competition between people…There is nothing evil. It is sweet. I am overwhelmed to having received birthday wishes from all you guys. The media has been really kind to me by being present on my big day & joining in the celebration with the cake cutting. Thank you everyone.”

Ariana  Ayam says – “It is an amazing day…a wonderful day. Today is Adhyayan’s birthday, we’ve been celebrating & we’ve been going out for promotions. We’ve had gone to take blessings from Siddhivinayak & flying kites the whole day. It has been so much fun. It is my first year in India & we are celebrating this festival. It is a lot of fun. The whole crew…everybody’s here from Heartless & the media. It has been really really good.”