Shefali’s husband Parag Tyagi has a special message from a special one for Asim

Shefali’s husband Parag Tyagi has a special message from a special one for Asim

Asim - Brother

Everything about family is good and we always feel happy when we are around them. The contestants are on cloud 9 after knowing that they will be meeting their family members. And it’s time, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task and the contestants have to choose between the captaincy and meeting their family.

Mahira, Aarti, and Shehnaz are happy souls after meeting their loved ones. Shefali is the last one and curiously waiting as she has an instinct that her husband Parag Tyagi would come to meet her. And with every passing second, she can feel her heart beating and finally the doorbell rings and Parag calls out Shefali’s name.  Shefali runs and opens the gate hugging him tightly.

Excited to see Shefali after a long time, the couple has a good time. But Parag also has a msg for Shefali’s friend-turned-foe Asim. Firstly, he warns him to maintain niceties with Shefali and also tells that he didn’t like the fact that he raised his voice at her. He also informs Asim that Himanshi  that Himanshi Khurana has sent a message for him. He tells him that she had parted ways with her boyfriend and is not getting married. She is waiting for him outside.

Asim confirms the news from his brother when he meets him. He tells him brother that Parag informed him. He asks his brother if he is in touch with her and his brother agrees, and says that yes he is in touch and whatever Parag said is true she is really waiting for him and that’s why he needs to win the show.

Well the news definitely leaves Asim blushing….

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