Sheena’s Mothers Day celebratio​n

Sheena’s heart reaches out to all the beautiful Mothers!

Being a mother is the highest salaried job in the world because the payment is pure love!

Thats what Sheena Chohan has posted on her Social Network as she celebrates the upcoming Mothers Day a week in advance. Sheena has posted many quotes as well as photos about mothers and including her own mom which has many fans gushing and calling her mom prettier than Sheena herself. Why not, Mrs.Harry Chohan has been a Miss.Chandigarh during her youthful days!

All of this and a lot more for the upcoming Mothers Day. It is her special way to celebrate and reach out to all the beautiful mothers. This also includes a contest where fans have to post images along with their moms talking about their best feature and action. Sheena will pick the best 3 and wish the winning mothers personally via social networking sites.

Sheena finds unique ways to engross the fans through emotions and everybody’s inherent love for their mom. Mom is the word for Sheena as she prepares for the Mothers day!