Sheena retains the title of ‘I am voice’

Sheena Chohan the Miss Universe India – I am She’s ‘I am voice’ winner, model and actress has another title in her kitty. It is the ‘BPL girl’. Sheena hosted and brought in immense culture, poise and glamour to Bangladesh Premier League. Since she has been sharing her journey with her fans on micro blogging site it is indeed a well explained forum.

During this journey she celebrated ‘Ekushey February’ which is the day Bangladesh celebrates the ‘Bengali Language movement day’. This day could have been just another one for any foreign resident but Sheena went out of her way to celebrate the memories with Bangladesh.

On the micro blogging site she has released a note which explains the itinerary for that day and how she enjoyed being a part of their cultural movement.  She paid special homage to the victims of the struggle at Shaheed Minar.

Post that she enjoyed the hospitality of a Bangladeshi friend with feast and outing. Her friend owns a charitable trust in Chittagong and is the first lady to take up this social responsibility. She works for educating women and children in Chittagong. 21st February being the non-racial discrimination day by United Nations, Sheena did not forget her causes that she represents and gifted her friend 2 DVDs of ‘The youth for human rights’ and ‘The way to happiness’ with a promise that it will be shown to all the children and women from the charitable trust.

This truly reflects the culture we are bred in, where she respects other cultures and celebrates the heritage even with a foreign country without any dismay. A true individual as she signs of “I feel it was a very special day…as I celebrated ekush with all Bangladeshis, felt the warmth and hospitality of Bangladesh and also SHARE THE MESSAGE OF YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE WAY TO HAPPINESS WITH MY FRIENDS…..CELEBRATING FREEDOM BEAUTIFULLY!”.