Sheena is sad to bid adieu to Bangladesh

Sheena Chohan saddened to bid adieu to BPL


The Blasting Phataka League of her career


Sheena will bid adieu to BPL (Bangladesh premier league) this 29th as the season ends.



So has Sheena learned to throw a googly or fast ball? “I certainly have learned a lot about cricket, I can now proudly say that I can join men in front of the telly and complain about the average and the speed of the players because now I have learnt a bit about the game.”


The league that made Sheena connect with the lovely audience and gave her so many experiences to cherish.  “With the BPL journey I have learnt so much that words cannot express my feelings. I have learnt that sharing is caring. Every Bangladeshi I came across has been so warm and welcoming. The hospitality I received was very humbling. Everything we needed was ready even before we asked for it. Also working with world class professionals was an honour. Clicking pictures with excited fans, enjoying all the rants by children and celebrating spring like I never have before in India are some of the memories imprinted in my heart. I shall carry on the good work and cherish this enigmatic experience forever. I will carry the beauty of this place in my heart.”


Apparently Sheena’s mother joined her later in the trip. She was happy to share her joy with her mom as well as endeared the professionals she worked with. Her colleagues took utmost care of her and she had a mesmerizing trip to Bangladesh.

Sheena already knew the rules of the industry, now she can proudly boast about her newly acquired knowledge. She seems prepared to play the “game” are you?