Sheena in a new avataar

Sheena is rocking the platform of Tune Factory not only with her amazing audience skills but also her style. She has adorned an international styling when it comes to her presentation.

When asked, she says she made a conscious effort to carry her look forward after BPL

and made an evident change in her attire more appealing to the show. Since the show is based on various genres of music, she has experimented with her looks to match every episode.

She has decided to rise to the occasion and represent the woman of today. She has put in a lot of effort and research in styling so as to maintain the conservative culture of Bangladesh but still carry a pop star image.

Sheena looks even more ethereal and beautiful in her new avatar.  Her global appeal has found many takers in the Bangladesh. Ask her about working on projects in India and she happily replies, ” I am very much a Kollkattan and now living in Mumbai , I keep taking up new challenging & fun projects that come my way. I will be soon shooting for Buddhadev’s next but apart from that I am welcome to new roles that challenge my thoughts and skills.”