‘SHE CAN, YOU CAN’ – ‘Docu-Feat​ure’ campaign – Directed by Shoojit Sircar

Director Soojit Sircar, post the success of the biggest Super hit and cult film of the year VICKY DONOR was offered a lot of films and commercials. But instead Soojit Sircar decided to direct a ‘Docu-feature’ campaign SHE CAN, YOU CAN for brand Tupperware as his first campaign post the success of his film.

Though he had done films, ad films and more ad films, But this campaign was very special to him because it was about  ‘REAL HEROES’ and this ‘big idea’ about Woman Empowerment and women as a catalyst for change in society and development of the Nation.

The campaign was a positive story for Social Transformation with ‘REAL LIFE’ role models, instead of ‘Reel Life’ celebrities. These were women social innovators who challenged the status quo with bold ideas for a better world. There was  an emotional connect whilst shooting this particular campaign.

Soojit Sircar felt the following 2 stories of Chhavi Rajawat (MBA – Sarpanch of SODA Village, Rajathan) & Saloni Malhotra (1st KPO in Rural India-DesiCrew) was very inspiring.


Chhavi Rajawat is a MBA graduate, a corporate whiz kid- turned-social worker and the torchbearer of a new generation heralding the grassroots change in India. A true beauty inside and out. Chhavi listened to her inner voice, quit a high paying job in an MNC and went back to her roots.

She wanted to make her ancestral village, an example of development and empowerment. She stood for  the panchayat election and became the 1st MBA Woman Sarpanch in India. She wants to make Soda Village India 1st E-enabled village and become a positive example for other villages.

Chhavi took up this responsibility as a “responsible citizen” of the Nation to come forward to help develop Soda village, prioritizing list of projects for panchayat, and bridge the gap between the village and the government; corporations; individuals; NGOs and other agencies.

Soda Village  is leading a huge transformation in how villages govern themselves — from tracking life events like birth, marriage and death, alternate employment generation, through the trickier issues around land titles and management to the financial aspects of running the village’s budget. And, along the way, she hopes to educate her 10,000 fellow villagers electronically

Chhavi Rajawat represented India at the UN and addressed on issues of Poverty alleviation.

2.      SALONI MALHOTRA Saloni Malhotra was a young 24 year old girl from Delhi in the IT industry. Though she could have had a cushy lifestyle, she went through unchartered territories, to the rural area in Tamil Nadu and set up India’s 1st Rural KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) DESICREW. Thus empowering  and connecting a whole new generation to the world.

Saloni  Malhotra – started her business as a single Knowledge Process Output (KPO) and then grew onto becoming the owner of around three plus KPO’s at the moment with hundreds of empowered employees. She took the unchartered path and succeeded in creating a successful business entity which has made her a flourishing social entrepreneur .She has created opportunities in the rural areas and has ensured that they don’t have to go to the cities for jobs but can compete with the best.

Soojit Sircar was very impressed with Tupperware for bringing in the forefront these ‘Silent workers’-The Engines of change which could be a chain of confidence and  a force multiplier in the Nation’s development.

Tupperware  India’s ‘She Can, You Can’;  is the 1st campaign in the world. The idea is take this philosophy to the next level by setting up and celebrating role models ‘Real Life Heroes’ than can be emulated and be an engine of change in India!