Shahid receives appreciation from Kashmir for Haider trailer.

Shahid receives appreciation from Kashmir for Haider trailer.

Shahid Kapoor has been receiving rave reviews for the trailer from critics and audiences. Twitter has been a buzz about his look,  his performance and the trailer at large.

Shahid has gone great lengths for his  role in the film.The ace actor shred his hair and has extensively shot in extreme weather conditions in Kashmir. Also during the time he spent a lot of time alone to get into he skin of his character. He was largely withdrawn except that Shahid spoke to the locals there… heard their stories. He felt that the story of Haider connected with the people of Kashmir at some level.

Shahid was however pleasantly surprised post the trailer launch when his manager shared that among the sea of calls two ladies from Kashmir whom they had met during the shoot reached out to her and praised the trailer no bounds.

They also mentioned that Shahid’s eyes itself are doing so much of talking in the trailer . They pointed out that his eyes have some pain which they have seen in people around them…. people in Kashmir and their journey. They had a lengthy talk with his manager and spoke highly about how they really liked the trailer and Shahid has done a fantastic job and how they cannot wait to watch the film.

Shahid is extremely touched by their gesture. While he has not been able to call them back. He is truly humbled by them reaching out. The actor’s spokesperson adds, “It was very unexpected. Shahid was thrilled as the letters were written in Urdu and he’s happy that his fans there have appreciated his work.”