Shah Rukh Khan discovers LA through the Airbnb lens

Shah Rukh Khan discovers LA through the Airbnb lens


Calls his Airbnb abode a ‘Home away from Home’

Airbnb has transformed the way people travel, as they look to plan their exquisite getaways and have a unique travel experiences on Airbnb.  The next big guest to find his vacation abode is renowned Bollywood actor, Shah Rukh Khan.

The popular Bollywood actor has made the most of his short break to indulge himself on a lavish vacation in Beverly Hills LA, with Airbnb. There is no better way to unwind and make the most of his time off from the Bollywood frenzy, than to live at home, several hundred miles from his Mumbai bungalow. SRK, as he is fondly called by his fans in India and around the world, has chosen an ideally located Beverly Hills estate on Airbnb for this trip, to experience the beauty of the local place

The plush home chosen by the popular actor for his vacation comes with a tennis court and pool, offering a breathtaking view of Beverly Hills through a unique lens, breaking away from the standard itinerary. Shah Rukh’s entire family has also accompanied him on this trip.

Known for being a person who believes in keeping with the times, the actor is constantly looking for ways to reinvent his ways, and with this trip he is changing the way stars travel. This vacation has served as the getaway he needs to be able to experience the lights and palm trees of LA, by living like a local.

Speaking about his experience living in the Airbnb home, Actor Shah Rukh Khan said, “There’s no place like home to disconnect from the outside world, and spend some time with oneself. Being able to break away from a fast paced lifestyle, several thousand miles away from the city has been a refreshing experience. Our lovely Airbnb host made sure we have everything we needed. Living here like the locals in our spacious and beautiful LA home has been an ideal break. This has been a perfect retreat!”

“I’m taking back some amazing memories of living in our Beverly Hills home. With this Airbnb vacation, we were able to explore the city and our neighbourhood just like locals’’.

Here’s a glimpse of the home SRK chose, for his LA vacation:



While living in the Airbnb home, the actor took the time to unwind and soak in the comfort of the plush villa. He shared images from his retreat with fans, posing in the property’s exquisite living room, and another one which shows him soaking in the California sun.


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