Shaan Seeks Creative Crowd sourcing to Remix Father’s Compositio​n

Shaan Seeks Creative Crowd sourcing to Remix Father’s Compositio​n

Talenthouse and Shaan invite all DJ’s & MusicComposers to feature in his new album

Shaan has joined forces withTalenthouse, the largest creative crowd sourcing platform in India to remix hispopular song Naina. Shaan is inviting aspiring DJs, sound engineers, musiccomposers to be a part of his next music album and get to be featured in thevideo through this Creative Invite. The winning entry will be promoted alongwith full credit to the winner.

Speakingabout this Creative Invite Shaan said, “Naina is a very beautiful and emotionalsong and is really close to my heart, as it is my father’s composition. Withthis creative invite, I’m looking at giving a music composer a wonderfulopportunity to add that charm and pep to my dad’s work that would give it adynamic sound. I am also looking forward to receiving entries from the remotestpart of the country to the buzzing metros.”

Shaanpicked up Naina for this Creative Invite as a special tribute to his father,the renowned Bengali Music Director, Manas Mukherjee, ‘Naina’ being one of hiscompositions. Shaan has been wooing the audience since he stepped into theIndian Music Industry, right from his first album, Lovelogy to being the voiceof almost all of Bollywood’s leading men starting from Shah Rukh Khan to RanbirKapoor. The track from his second album Tanha Dil, “Bhool Ja”, which is an excellent ballad with superb lyrics written by the manhimself, catapulted to the charts within days of its release and was verypopular on radio.

ArunMehra, CEO-Talenthouse India said, “The internet is buzzing with creativity& talent. Talenthouse is a platform that looks to source this talent andbring it to the right audience. Shaan is an epitome in creative excellence inIndia. This collaboration puts him in the league of international superstarslike Lady Gaga, Rod Stewart, U2, Paul McCartney, etc who undertook similarinitiatives to mentor talent with Talenthouse. We are confident to find himthat genius from the thousands of aspirants who will be able to pep up and dojustice to his father’s song.”

Forentry guidelines and information on how to submit entries for this creativeinvite go to:

About Talenthouse India

Talenthouse is aninternational platform that provides emerging talents and aspiring performers,artists and creative individuals with opportunities to work with leadingartists and brands. Talenthouse has been associated with globally renownedartists like Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna,Naomi Campbell, Rod Stewart, Brett Ratner, Queen, Kylie Minogue and many more.It is the only platform to boast of over 3, 00,000 artists and a 40-memberoutreach across the globe

Talenthouse India, apart of Reliance Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., based in Mumbai will oversee growth andbusiness in India and Southeast Asia. It will focus on nurturing fresh andcreative talent in the country and provide opportunities for collaboration atinternational level as well.  Talenthouse will connect with artists acrossfilm, fashion, music, photography & art on collaborative projects andembrace artists at entry level.