SEE the WORLD’s Top SEVEN Documentaries at JIFF

SEE the WORLD’s Top SEVEN Documentaries at JIFF –  1-5 February, 2015

5 HERITAGE from Switzerland I 82 Min

Switzerland, that famous neutral country, is (according to recent statistics) the third most armed population on Earth. This is partly due to one of its most popular sports “Shooting”. In the heart of Switzerland there’s a fascinating world of guns, bizarre, interesting characters, different perspectives, controversial ideas and, above all, an exceptional tradition that lives on. Swiss olympic shooting champions, families of Swiss shooters, politicians and others, tell us why shooting and weapons are, or why they shouldn’t be, so popular in Switzerland.

133 THE MOUNT OF FAITH from India I 41 Min

 It’s a journey to the heart of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Mother Mary comes visiting you. Open your heart and let her enter in and you will experience immense joy.

See the Salman Khan in this documentary.

339 BHAGYA from India I 109 Min

An inspiring tale that deals with heart-touching emotions while highlighting the effect of illiteracy and poverty on one’s life.

1448 BRAVE MISS WORLD from USA I 88 Min

Israeli beauty queen Linor Abargil was abducted and raped in Milan, Italy two months before being crowned Miss World in 1998. Ten years later, she’s ready to talk about it– and to encourage others to speak out.

For victims of sexual assault, the journey toward wholeness never ends; still, Linor Abargil, the BRAVE MISS WORLD,continues her unflinching efforts to keep the nightmares at bay.

1461 JALANAN from Indonesia I 107 Min

JALANAN (‘Streetside’) tells the captivating story of Boni, Ho & Titi, three gifted, charismatic street musicians in Jakarta over a tumultuous 5-year period in their own lives and that of Indonesia. The film follows the young marginalized musicians and their never before seen sub-culture, while also painting a striking, moody and intimate portrait of Indonesia’s frenzied capital city. Using the powerful soundtrack of the musicians’ original compositions to drive the film, it traces their elusive quest for identity and love in the day-to-day of a city overrun by the effects of globalization and corruption.


When On Any Sunday premiered in 1971, it wasn’t just any movie.

Directed by Bruce Brown – who also helmed surfing classic The Endless Summer – this insider look at motorcycle racing reached a wide audience that was fascinated by the heartfelt stories of real-life riders, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Four decades later, On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter shows that the passion for riding motorcycles is as strong as ever.

1770 AFRICAN PRIDE from Ireland I 59 Min

South Africa’s Constitution was the first in the world to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. But rights belie the reality for many. Homophobia has found violent expression in assaults, rape and murders. In South African townships lesbian women are frequently the targets of some of the most brutal of these attacks; their sexuality condemned as un-African, un-Christian and unacceptable.

However there is growing movement of people who are choosing to meet this violence with visibility by way of township Prides and protests. Each person bearing a banner has their own reason to be visible. It is through their stories that African Pride explores this determined, relentless and colourful movement.