Scissors Are So Passé- The Clipper is Your New Style Buddy!

Scissors Are So Passé- The Clipper is Your New Style Buddy!

The Art of hairstyling has evolved through the years. A hairstyle can change your whole appearance and thanks to the advancement of modern technology styling your hair has become way easier, faster and more convenient.

Very recently in the movie “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu” starring Imran Khan & Kareena Kapoor we see Kareena using a Clipper to cut Imran’s hair.

A scissor has now become a thing of the past, long gone are those days of waiting for a haircut with scissors these days a Clipper has become the must have hairdressing tool. Previously, to get a haircut or even a fringe done one had to visit a salon just to achieve the look of ones choice. In this day and age hairstyling tools like clippers and trimmers have taken over the traditional method of using scissors to cut hair. Similar to razors and scissors but when it comes to features and functions Clippers are technologically advanced and not only are clippers easy to use and convenient but they are much more hygienic and hassle free. You can get creative on a day-to-day basis creating your own clipper hair cut giving you a salon look, the only difference being you can style and clipper cut it the way you want. There are battery operated rechargeable Hair Clippers available along with cord and cordless clippers which are convenient to use during travels. Clippers have revolutionized the hairdressing industry today creating a new era of hair trends.

Clipper cuts are a big favorite worldwide, with Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, PINK sporting clipper cuts, and they are the trendiest hairstyle that one can sport this season. Certain hairstyle like a hair tattoo can be done only with the help of a clipper.

So give yourself a hair-raising clipper experience with new haircuts and hairstyles and unravel the unfolding of a Style Revolution keeping you perfectly groomed with Clippers.

About WAHL

Now in its 92nd year, WAHL Clipper Corporation is an international industry leader in the manufacturing of products for the professional beauty and barber salon trade, consumer personal care, and animal grooming. Headquartered in Sterling, IL, Wahl employs more than 2,000 people worldwide.

WAHL Indian Artistic team members comprise of the best known names industry like Brent Barber from B:Blunt Salon, Savio John Pereira from Savio John Pereira Salon, Ity Agarwal from Psalm23 Salon, Raman Bhardwaj from A.N. John Salon, Vipul Chudasama, Aashish Christian from La-Femme Salon, Renee Melek from Hyatt Salon and Amali Kandasamy from Looks Unisex Salon.

Was hoping if we could work out some hair related stories wherein we can have any one of our artictic team members demonstrate the latest CLIPPER cuts on any of your readers like a reader experiential or a story about the latest CLIPPER HAIR DOS.

Also since all of the Artistic team members are an expert on celebrity hairstles and looks,  we could have them demonstrate a WAHL clipper cut – for example “Get your Your favourite Celebrity Haircut by the WAHL Artistic team member  using Clippers “