Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Watch!

Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Watch!

Sci-Fi Movies You Need To Watch!


There have been a number of films in Hollywood and Bollywood that showcase a look into space or the futuristic world. Such films have always entertained us, the world of spaceships, extra-terrestrials and space adventures has charmed audiences with many of them becoming blockbuster names.

Thanks to Hollywood, fans have gotten a chance to see a number of films that have been imaginative and realistic. Films like The Martian, Interstellar, ET, Star Wars and Gravity are all such varied selections of films set in space. Bollywood too has also produced a number of space based filmed such as the Priyanka Chopra starrer, Love Story 2050, Koi Mil Gaya and many more.

Here are some movies that feature Hollywood and Bollywood’s tryst with space and sci-fi!


Soon to premiere on Indian television  screens, The Martian was a box office hit as it showed us the survival struggle of an astronaut on Mars. This Matt Damon starrer movie not only received accolades on various platforms but also received great response from the audience. The movie has won two Golden Globe awards for The Best Film and The Best actor in Musical and comedy! The film will be premiering on Indian television on Star Movies on 9th October at 1pm and 9pm.

Gravity shows two astronauts stranded in outer space after the destruction of their space shuttle. The film featured a power packed performance by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.


The Christopher Nolan directed film ‘Interstellar’ took audiences on a breath-taking ride to planets in search of a habitable place for humanity.


An 80s classic, E.T showed us a different aspect of alien-human relationship that forever stayed in our minds forever for its memorable lines and scenes.


Star Wars is a name that cannot go unmentioned when film set in space are featured. The George Lucas cult film series took the by storm with its adventure packed plot and interesting characters!



The Priyanka Chopra starrer ‘Love Story 2050’gave Bollywood the story of a man who travels to the future to bring his love back to life. This was India’s major attempt in the world of time travel movies.


Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta starrerKoi Mil Gaya has been a success since its release as it shows a boy who tries to communicate with extra-terrestrials from outer space, leading to him coming in contact with an alien.


Space has always been a mysterious and an interesting subject; with such movies arriving on our television screens within a few months of release, it’s easy to travel the universe sitting at home.