Satya, Savitree Ani Satyawan First Look Launch

Satya, Savitree Ani Satyawan First Look Launch

Biggest political thriller coming this year

Shree Yamai Pictures a new venture as a production house to release its first movie in June 2012

‘Shree Yamai Pictures’ soon to be a new blessing to the Marathi industry. As the standards of Marathi movies are raising, the industry too demands more talents and production houses to come forward and take this responsibility.

‘Shree Yamai Pictures’ is launched as a Film Production House with four massive ‘A’ grade Marathi projects to be releasing in 2012. The kick start for the production house is ‘Satya Savitree Aani Satyawan’, a political thriller, which celebrated its look launch at Ramada Plaza Palm Grove on Saturday evening and is due for release in the coming month of June, 2012.

The story begins with the murder of the most influential politician in town. During the course of time this murder changes many equations in the upcoming State elections, not only for others but also for the deceased father in law who is also the State cultural Minister. In the midst of this political mayhem, Sachit Patil (lead) discovers different conspiring plots and deciphering the mystery of two women-wives-of the politico, each of ‘Savitree’ to each of their dead ‘Satyawan’.

And thus begins a complicated quest in search of the real truth. Who are these women? Is their struggle to fight for their dead husband real or they are just pawns in a bigger game?

The movie cast Actor Sachit Patil and Actress Amruta Patki, former Miss India where the star attraction for the evening. The film is directed by Sarvesh Parab, well-known editor of ‘Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy’, ‘Shikanacha Aicha gho’ to mention few to debut this movie as director and produced by Shamal Parab.

Along with the first look launch party Shree Yamai Pictures also announced their forthcoming projects with young brigade of directors.  The announcements of the movie started with the movie ‘Paathlag’ a film by Santosh Manjrekar, a well-known director who is announcing his second movie under Shree Yamai Pictures Banner in association with B R Talkies who is entering in Marathi films followed by Vishal Desai in association with B R Talkies and produced by Shamal Parab in ‘Nanyachi Dusri Baju’ starring Sachin Khedekar and Santosh Juvekar, Vijay Rane’s movie on life of the great Savitribai Phule with Shree Yamai Pictures and last but not the least ‘Lau Ka Laath’ a comedy movie directed and produced by Vijay Patkar under Shrayu Pictures which is a part of Shree Yamai Pictures to release on June 1, 2012.

The evening was one of the most memorable moment for each one present as Marathi industry soon to witness quality films under the banner of Shree Yamai Pictures.