In the soaring weather if cocktails meets fashion, wont that be a treat? Indeed  ! And  such a treat was recently thrown by designer brand Satya Paul in association with former miss India and painter at heart Anjanna Kuthiala. The occasion was unveiling of Anjanna’s latest

series  paintings to honor women achievers like Princess of Jaipur Diya  Kumari, Vandana Malik, Pria Kataaria Puri, Saba Ali Khan, Sona Goyal, Poonam Sethi, Sakshee Pradhan, Sangeeta Mehta,  Renuka Singh and Swati Pandya Sood who have achieved great heights in their fields.   The show though involved the so  called madira yet the event put forth the   powers women possess as Anjanna aptly puts it. The event celebrated divinity and women power.

To celebrate this journey of  women  power,  present  for  the   event  were celebrities like Roadies fame Ashutosh, Dilip Tahil, Imran Khan and Avantika Malik Khan. Imran who was seen  sporting beard, his latest look for Vishal Bharadwaj’s film on the occasion said, ”It’s an opportunity to support women in our lives. I am glad to be a part of such an evening.   Anjanna  is one such person who has an eye to spot unseen beauty.”

The women achievers  were seen wearing Satya Paul’s latest ensembles specially designed for the event. The beauty of these ladies was brought out not only by the terrific paintings of Anjanna but by the dazzling attires as they walked they walked the red carpet. Though all the women dazzled  in Satya Paul outfit and each one of them looked gorgeous yet Princess Diya of Jaipur was looking stunning in chinki pink shimmering sari while Pria Kataaria Puri looked pretty in the cheery red  sari with zari border and Saba Ali Khan in her cream shimmer sari looked the exact replica of her mother actress Sharmila Tagore.

The women achievers honored for her achievements in their respective fields thanked Anjanna to have ”Immortalized  them on canvas and to have brought out their true souls via her paintings.      ”Vidya was though not present for the evening she did not miss the opportunity to forward her     greetings and gratitude to Anjanna. Vidya’s painting had a truly divine touch to it. It was stunning and as Vidya puts it ”more beautiful than she is in her real life!” The painting of Vidya which was  the most awaited of all depicted her in the avatar of Maa Kali and was indeed blissful watching     Vidya in such a divine role.

Talking about her paintings Anjanna said, ”It is the first time that i have painted living women        legends.” Jyoti Narula of Satya Paul summed up the event saying, ”It was a pleasure of having       being associated with Anjanna and it was indeed a delight to have the accomplished women like   to these wearing our brand clothes and walk the ramp.’