Sarwat, aka Haniya, dons the hat of Brand Ambassador for Special Olympics

Sarwat, aka Haniya, dons the hat of Brand Ambassador for Special Olympics

Sarwat Gilani’s talents are boundless! Very few know that the beautiful actress currently seen as Haniya on Zindagi’s ongoing superhit show, Meri Jaan Hai Tu, is the the Brand Ambassador for Special Olympics Games – a prestigious addition to her diverse body of work.

The Special Olympics Pakistan organisation is an NGO that sends a team of 25-30 children to the Special Olympics. An excited Sarwat said, “I feel privileged to be able to give back to my country and its people in whatever capacity I can. Our kids are very talented and most deserving of the medals they earn on a worldwide platform. Their courage and the will to do better each year is a promise we would like to help them keep. The reason why I took up this cause is to help give these kids the due attention they needed on national and international level. I felt being a celebrity I had the chance of telling the world about them on a different forums and felt that it was my duty to help focus on their abilities rather than their disabilities”.

As a part of her association, Sarwat has shot a special video and brought together her friends from the fraternity including Ameen Gul, Mehreen Jabbar, Aamina Shaikh, Humayun Saeed, Marina Khan, and Rubina Ashraf to be a part of it and help her raise awareness for the cause. Sarwat, the girl with the golden heart, is also working diligently towards raising funds for the campaign.

Currently seen on Zindagi as the happy go lucky, Haniya in Meri Jaan Hai Tu, Sarwat displays an unmatched charm and presenrs her untoppable acting skills. Meri Jaan Hai Tu traces the story of a Haniya, a second generation immigrant in USA and the ideal guy, Ibad, who migrates to the United States to pursue his education. Destined to be together, Haniya and Ibad enroll in the same University and an impassioned love blossoms on the college campus. The journey of Haniya & Ibad narrates the tale of how love is boundless and so is the experience of those who seek it.

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