Saregama Presents Musical Blockbuster LOVE IN BOMBAY

Saregama Presents Musical Blockbuster


Saregama India Ltd., India’s flagship music and entertainment Company,  after  creating  stupendous  musical success  stories of   Joy Mukerji’s films ,   released  the music of LOVE IN BOMBAY

The album was unveiled by Shree Ram Mukerji (Rani Mukerji’s father),  The evening was well attended by Arbaz Khan, Ranjeet, Anu Malik, Anup Jalota, yesteryear actors Biswajit & Sonia Sahani, Tabassum, Dolly Thakore, Deb Mukerji (Aayan Mukerji’s father) Poonam Dillon, Ravindra Jain and Madhura Jasraj.

The music of this iconic film  is set to tunes  by the versatile duo of the Golden  Era, Shankar Jaikishan and penned beautifully by  Majrooh Sultanpuri.  This album is a bouquet of   variety of songs   presented in the versatile vocals of  Asha Bhosle, Mohd. Rafi & Kishore Kumar.

Track List:

  • Na Main Boli
  • Majha  Naav  Aahe  Ganpatrao
  • Saiyan  Saiyan
  • Matak  Mere  Cheeta
  • Rani  Nacho
  • Jai  Kali  Kalkatta  Wali

As stated by Mr. Adarsh Gupta, Sr.V.P. Music, Saregama India Ltd., “We are proud to launch the music of Love In Bombay. The soundtrack belongs to the era of melodious  compositions and magical lyrics. In India people remember the film by its songs.  If our films are alive in the hearts and minds of millions, it’s because people still hum the songs, no matter how old the film is music is the essence of Bollywood”.

Love in Bombay is Produced and Directed by Late Shree Joy Mukerji. It’s truly a masterpiece  which has  the unreleased work of great  legends such as  late Ashok Kumar,  Kishore Kumar, late  Reheman Sahab, music directors late Shree Shankar Jaikishen,  late Legendary Singer Mohd Rafi Sahab and late  Shree Joy Mukerji.   Waheeda Reheman, Sonia Sahani and Asha Bhosle ( who has sung two beautiful Songs ) are the living legends of this film.

How the film saw its release in the present day:

It has been an emotional trip  for Joy Mukerji’s  family in finding and repairing the negative  and positive  of “Love In Bombay”.

“LOVE IN BOMBAY was  very close to Joy Mukerji’s  heart and  he wanted  to have a theatrical release.  As for Monjoy he   cross questioned  his Dad on the movie and would try to convince him for a world Satellite premiere  with any of the leading networks. Neither was Joy Mukerji convinced on this kind of release nor was he telling where he had kept the negative.  He wanted to release it on his own.. which is his labour  of love.. as he would rightly call it  that unknowingly  he has inherited the “Love in series “franchise  ( Love in Simla, Love in Tokyo and now Love in Bombay ).  Joy Mukerji  finally agreed to his son in 2011 Nov, that he would release the movie in some where around  April-May 2012 with a top Satellite network. But as fate would have it, he passed away on the 9th of  March 2012.

As soon as Monjoy came to normalcy, wasting no  time he began  hunting  for the negative as no one knew in the family, he  searched the cold storages of Mumbai where negatives are preserved. until one day at work ( Filmalaya Studio he stumbled upon an old bill of some cold storage  named Fazal Bhoy cold storage centre, worli, where a pending bill had to be cleared for keeping a certain negative. The storage was huge and over 600 negitives It took  45 min to locate the two white tin boxes with  Joy Mukerji’s name written on it and surprisingly it looked in good condition.  Monjoy  was wondering as to how this piece of work has been preserved so carefully.  On calling up the cold storage he found out that his late father used to come nearly every year and get it manually cleaned, with the desire of releasing  the film some day into theatres.. After this Monjoy  approached  Avitel post Studio for a 2 k restoration and after 9 months of hard work ( 10 hours a day )  with their technicians, frame by frame colour  correction and scanning, cleaning the green blotches, pin holes. Finally the process was complete.  Repairing the sound was another challenge upon but it had to be done for the film to regain its true beauty. Monjoy sat with his composer, sound engineer friend Mansur Alam  he got  the dialogues cleaned, removed all the distortion and hissing sound that had affected the positive and enhanced  the sound quality of the songs. it took us 3 months in doing this nearly every night. After nearly a year now, the said Indian motion picture” Love in Bombay” is finally ready for its maiden voyage to the Cinema and art lovers of the world. it has its music release via  SAREGAMA on the 12th of June 2013 and a theatrical release in the month of July, 2013..across the country and world.