Saregama launches a NewPunjabi Dharmik Album SIKHI- TYAG TE SHOORVERTA

Saregama  launches a  NewPunjabi Dharmik Album SIKHI- TYAG TE SHOORVERTA

The incarnation of the Gurus, their Life and their sacrifices for protection of helpless & oppressed, is our Glorious Religion – Sikhism.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, our Dashmesh Pitah, made supreme sacrifices – that of his father and all his sahebzadas and set the proud tradition of selfless help for the needy and subjugated.  He, eventualized the Will of God in creating the Khalsa and spread the message for each one to live within a liberated soul.  He said that Faith of pure and divine soul is tested and re-tested at every step. Every step taken forward has to survive the greatest ordeal of agony and suffering. More the body burns in agony and suffering, more intensly the flame of devotional faith glows within. Such is the Faith of a Saint, Gurmukh, a True Sikh.

Vikramjit Singh Sahney, Padma Shri, through this album, has reminded and galvanized the present day generation to prepare and motivate itself to make sacrifices for humanity and to liberate those who are put under duress by the regimes of tyranny.  Through his soulfoul singing, he has depicted that despite severest ordeals and worldly afflictions, a true soul is never far from his Beloved Satguru and basks under his divine protection “Jiske Sir Upar Tu Swamy, So Dukh Kaisa Pawe”.