Saregama India Ltd., Presents OM By KAVITA SETH

Saregama India Ltd., Presents




  Saregama India Ltd., India’s flagship Music and Entertainment Company, launches yet another prestigious spiritual album,   

OM by Kavita Seth with a live performance.


OM – a meditation album that helps you relax and immerse in yourself to look for answers within….The album has 108 Chants of OM to purify your surrounding and soul.. the shloka “Om Krishnaya Vasudevaya Harayay Parmatmane Pranat Klesh Nashaya, Shri Govindaya Namo Namah” has been chanted 108 times which ends with the Bhagwad Gita Saar.  The music of this ethereal album has been set to score by Kavita ji’s 16 year old son Kanishk Seth, who has proven his mettle at such a young age..


OM spreads the message

“Instead of superficial devotion,

Immerse in love – devotion of God

Like the deer drawn by sound of music

Losing its life to the hunter’s arrow

Yet keeping attention to music

Your love – devotion for the Lord

Should be as deep and sincere

So as to carve for you

A niche in His feet forever”


OM says – Spiritual taste is as immense and deep as the ocean itself. Once we are completely immersed in it and realise our true mission in life, we are bound to achieve true bliss. Pleasure is the ultimate goal, but unfortunately illusion misleads people. Real pleasure exists eternally only in the form of Krisna. Since we are but a part of God, we also possess these qualities within and OM strives to help us find the same.


Adarsh Gupta – Business Head, Saregama states “Kavita Seth’s unique style of mediational singing strikes a deep chord with audience. The album, OM is certainly a divine and enthralling experience for her listeners and fans.”

Priced at Rs. 295/- OM is available nationally at all leading stores and can also be directly purchased from Saregama website:


Just relax and put the CD on to find the peace within…