SANJAY PURI ADDS ANOTHER ICON TO THE MUMBAI SKYLINE Long awaited Bombay Arts Society building set to open


Long awaited Bombay Arts Society building set to open

There are very few architects in the country today who are as passionate about their field and as dedicated to expressing their creativity through their work as Sanjay Puri. He is one of the leading architects in the country today and has made a niche for himself and his firm in India as well as overseas. So when the decision about who should be called on board to design the Bombay Arts Society building in Bandra, there could have been no other choice.

After nearly 3 years, the Bombay Arts Society building is now getting ready to open its doors to the public. Established nearly 122 years ago, the Bombay Art Society is based in Jehangir Art Gallery and has been serving art and artists ever since. The decision to have a centre for artists that was easily accessible from the Mumbai suburbs was made a few years back and that is when the plans for the project in Bandra were made. Located at Bandra near the Bandra-Worli Sea Link it is a prime location and can be easily accessed by art lovers.

There are several things that make the Bombay Arts Society a special project. It is the only public building to be opened up in Mumbai in recent times, a space that will solely be dedicated to the arts and art community. Another important aspect that sets this project apart is of course the design that is a true representative of the architect’s creative genius.
Sanjay Puri’s designs are innovative and can be easily recognised by their unique avant-garde style.

His design philosophy is simple, allow your creativity to flow undeterred and ensure that each building he designs is vastly different from the previous ones. This is precisely what sets him apart from the other architects in the country who are just interested in churning out countless run of the mill spaces with no creativity involved.

In this project, fluid forms enmeshed together in parts emerging from each other in parts constitute this small building. Within an extremely small plot measuring only 1300 sq. mts, a mixed use building programme based on the client’s needs had to be adhered to. Art gallery spaces, an auditorium, a cafeteria and artists rooms had to be planned within 1000 sq. mt and another 1000 of office spaces were to be provided for, each with separate entrances.

Fluid spaces across the three lower levels, house the art gallery spaces and their allied functions with walls flowing into roofs homogenously. The fluidity of form seen externally, with a concrete skin encapsulating spaces while undulating in both the horizontal and vertical planes, is carried through to the interior volumes making the entire experience as that of moving through a sculpture.

Thus within this small 1300 plot two distinct set of spaces are created, each with its own  discernible identity and yet enmeshed together to create a uniquely sculptural building. The Bombay Arts Society is scheduled to open in two weeks and will definitely become part of Mumbai’s iconic buildings thanks to the talented vision of Sanjay Puri.


He is the leading architect in the country today with a name in India as well as overseas. Reversing the trend of foreign architects being called to India to design projects, Sanjay Puri is being sought out to lend his design expertise abroad.

His avant-garde architectural style is truly unique and a true expression of his creativity. The essence of Sanjay’s design theory is creating innovative design spaces that are contextual but at the same time sustainable. The main aim is evoke an exhilarating experience without infusing functionality effectively.

Founded in 1992 Sanjay Puri Architects (SPA) today is one of the most sought after architectural and design firms in India. With a team of over 72 employees that work under the skilful guidance of Sanjay Puri, the firm is an unmatched powerhouse of design.

SPA has an extensive design portfolio that includes architectural and interior design projects in fields like hospitality, commercial, retail, educational and entertainment facilities as well as large urban projects and town planning.

Currently they are involved in designing over 100 projects in 40 cities across India as well as projects in Montenegro, Spain, U.A.E and Mauritius.