Sangram Singh awarded the World’s Best Profession​al Wrestler by World Wrestling Profession​als (WWP) South Africa

Sangarm Singh, International wrestler  has made his country proud yet again by winning the WORLD’s BEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER’S  award by World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) South Africa. This has been in overall recognition of the style of fight, Stamina and the nature of wrestling bouts in his professional career and has been evaluated by some of the best wrestling professionals in the world.

World Wrestling Professionals (WWP) South Africa is the biggest federation in the southern hemisphere. This prestigious award puts Sangram Singh in the category as a contender to the WWP World Heavyweight Title, the ultimate pot of gold in World Wrestling Professionals.

Sangram’s background and life history has also been considered as it is very distinctive in the wrestling world. Suffering from arthritis in childhood and wheelchair bound and then becoming a world class wrestler has been recognized. Apart from health problems , the social discrimination was also a factor. With all the initial setbacks and almost no encouragement at all, and trying to keep motivated and driven to achieve the aim has been his motivation.

“I come from a humble background and wanted to be a wrestler. I was suffering from a paralytic condition and spent eight years on the wheel chair. But I was fascinated with wrestling and Lance Armstrong was my hero. It was tough initially when I resolved to be a wrestler. I started by moving my feet, standing up, undergoing severe therapy sessions at home and finally getting into the arena to fight. I have had a tough life but I am proud that I fought my battle and won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship. It was my ambition to do the country proud and I did it “says Sangram on his life and looking positive for all his future endeavors.

There have already two movie scripts written specifically on his life story and at the moment the right kind of film maker is being sought over. Basically the understanding and the spirit of the whole story is very important and ofcourse the depiction on screen as well. The story is quite intense as well as entertaining and he is in talks with both Indian and overseas filmmakers but one has not been finalized yet.

Also a discussion for a fitness show  is in process which will be replicated online. this versions will have quite an impact as it has been designed keeping in view today’s lifestyle wherein much faster rapid fitness procedures are required in lesser time. It will be on the age old indian methods  and practices and shall also combine the modern knowledge. calling it FUSION FITNESS and have already gone in for the legal formalities. It will be promoted as a very different kind of a brand and shall cater to one and all irrespective of the age or gender. This concept is launched first time in India.