Sampada Vaze’s new venture !

Sampada Vaze’s new venture !

The Gourmet Club, Mumbai Where Great Tastes Entwine

Exclusive Clubs, centred on the idea of a common theme have been around for a while now. Such Clubs could range from interests in Music, Movies or Motorcycles & India has seen its fair share of them. Yet, a casual search around for an exclusive, high end Club centred on the premise of ‘the love for good food & drink’ are hard to find. ‘The Gourmet Club Mumbai’ seems to have just planted a flag in that domain.

Sampada ‘Sam’ Vaze, Television Star & fashion personality, along with her partner Peter Freislederer are the co-founders of the Mumbai based Gourmet Club. Sam brings her ‘glamour quotient’, coupled with her relationships in the media & fashion industry to an event centred on exploring unique gourmet food & drink experiences. Sam is an instantly recognizable from over 150 advertisements & various television soap operas, yet is now better known as a ‘market entry’ consultant to fashion brands looking at entering India.

Her objective with The Gourmet Club is to bring together people from various backgrounds, yet connected thru their common love of unique gourmet food experiences. TGC is an ‘Invitation Only’ Club, which means that you need to know people, who are in the ‘know’. While membership in itself is free, guests to the monthly events pay for the food & drinks. The club members come from various walks of life; you are most likely to spot a musician soaking in the atmosphere with a banker or a ramp model taking notes from a martial artist or a painter talking about his craft to a Doctor sipping his drink. It is this interesting mix that gets TGC to be one of a kind monthly to be seen at. The eclectic fare offered at the venue varies from global gastronomic delights to the spicy river water fish prepared by expert chefs brought for the occasion.

Like the special cuisine, the venue picked for the meets is equally enchanting. A sprawling bungalow, to a fine-dining restaurant, to a reputed art-gallery could suddenly turn into a TGC venue. “The Food, The Venue & The People, is what keeps bringing me back every month”, says an expatriate Club Member.