Salman Khan goes the Hollywood way – First Bigg Boss 10 promo

Salman Khan goes the Hollywood way – First Bigg Boss 10 promo

Salman Khan goes the Hollywood way – First Bigg Boss 10 promo

BB10 astronaut promo grab (14)

After George Clooney and Matt Damon, Salman Khan sports an astronaut look ~

India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss is back with its tenth season and, this time, the spotlight is on the common man! Being driven by the aam aadmi, for the very first time, the show is slated to go on-air soon to provide and the uninhibited glimpse into the many personalities that make our daily lives oh-so-interesting! And, as the first glimpse of Bigg Boss Season 10 is set to unfold, audiences will get a chance to see host Salman Khan at his quirkiest best as he dons different avatars for the show’s promos.

The BB10 promo shoot will also be a visual treat for Salman Khan fans, as the actor will don many different looks while interacting with the aam janta. Adding on to the list of surprises, Salman will also become the first actor from the Bollywood to don the look of an astronaut. After actors like George Clooney and Matt Damon have embraced the astronaut look in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, Salman Khan will be seen becoming the first Indian actor to slip into the uber cool look especially for the Bigg Boss promo.  The actor, whose cool demeanour and suave personality has earned him millions of fans across the world, looked equally dashing and stylish in the heavy astronaut costume which was specially designed for him. Not one to let distractions affect him, Salman completed the shoot without any hesitation.

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A source from the sets revealed, “Salman kick-started the Bigg Boss 10 promo shoot with the astronaut costume and the cast and crew were waiting eagerly to see him in that look. He arrived with the same style and aura that always surrounds him and seemed really enthusiastic about donning such an outstanding look for the promo shoot.”

With the ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood extending his arms into space to handpick the right contestant mix for BB10, this season promises to bring along tons of surprises for the audience. Stay tuned for more details about Salman Khan – the astronaut leading the Bigg Boss ship!