Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut have a filmy faceoff on Bigg Boss

Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut have a filmy faceoff on Bigg Boss

Salman Khan and Kangana Ranaut have a filmy faceoff on Bigg Boss

 Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar_Episode 28 (2)

Bigg Boss_Weekend Ka Vaar Synopsis 28

‘Roti’ and ‘Duty’ as always lead to another fight inside the house as the contestants are asked to highlight one negative trait of their fellow housemates. Paras begins by highlighting Mahira’s effort of making rotis for everyone has asked and calling others ungrateful. Another fight ensues but Salman Khan intervenes.

 Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar_Episode 28 (3)

Carrying forward the most loved ritual of weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan announces ‘gallat faimi ke gubbarre’ task that yet again gives the contestants a reality check and a direction for their game ahead. Next up, the contestants listen to messages from the audience. While Aarti is questioned for supporting Sidharth when he is wrong, the callers shows keen interest in knowing about Sidharth and Shehnaz’s bond.

Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar_Episode 28

Up next, the beautiful Kangana Ranaut adds her oomph factor to the weekend ka vaar episode as she comes to promote her upcoming movie ‘Panga’. Happy to meet Salman Khan, Kangana informs that she will be playing an ‘entertainment ka panga’ task with him. Salman is asked to deliver his dialogues while emulating the antics of the contestants. Just then Salman screams out his famous dialogue ‘mujh pe ek ehsaan karna’ generating a burst of laughter. Rightly defining the housemates temperament of taking ‘pangas’ with each other, Kangana along with her co-star Jassi Gill enters the house with a challenge ‘talent ka panga’.Mahira and Madhurima, Rashami and Shehnaz, Sidharth and Paras and Arti have to compete for the luxury food items. While Rashami and Shehnaz  get into a dance faceoff, Sidharth and Paras try to impress Kangana and win the challenge. Aarti and Shehnaz play a tug of war to prove their abilities. By the end of the challenge Shehnaz expresses that she is very proud of Jassi Gill as someone from Punjab is making a name for himself. She also gets very emotional and says that his presence is making her miss home.

Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar_Episode 28 (4)

Salmon further highlights there have been multiple conversations about Mahira and Rashami being able to sustain in the game because of Paras and Asim’s support and it’s time for some clarity. The housemates have to give a thumbs down to either Mahira or Rashami depending on who they feel needs support. Closing on a twisted note, Salman Khan announces the bottom two contestants leaving it to Bigg Boss to make the announcement of eviction.

Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar_Episode 28 (1)

Who gets the most thumbs down? Who will be the one leaving the house this weekend? 

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