Salman Khan advices Bani to control her anger

Salman Khan advices Bani to control her anger


When it’s Bani chance to stand in the ‘Katghara’, Salman tells her that you are a walkout queen as after putting the blame on someone you walk off from there without hearing their side of the story. Bani replies to this saying, she does this because she doesn’t like making the situation worse and walks off too calm herself down.

So, Salman gives her an advice saying, that Bani should control her emotions and anger because this temperament of hers is affecting her relationship with her friends in the house.


Advicing her to be more mentally calm because the way she is conducting herself in the house will affect her image outside the house. And, Salman correlates one phase of his life to Bani’s situation in the house and that because of his behaviour during that time he lost out on many things in his life.

Salman also told her she should try altering her attitude or behaviour a bit because it will affect her professional and family life.

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