Sai Tamhankar to celebrate ‘Maharashtra Day’ by doing Shramdaan!

Sai Tamhankar to celebrate ‘Maharashtra Day’ by doing Shramdaan!

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Actress Sai Tamhankar will pay tribute to the Mother Goddess on 1st May, on the occasion of Maharashtra Day, by doing ‘Shramdaan’. Sai’s association with Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation, has been from the time of its establishment and she always makes sure to take a break from her busy schedule, to contribute her bit to the Drought-Ridden areas of Maharashtra. This time, Sai will be visiting a village near Pune for Shramdaan.

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Sai says, “I can proudly say that while working hard in this scorching heat, when your sweat mixes with the soil, its fragrance is beyond beautiful and incomparable to any high-end perfume. That is why, whenever the Water Foundation organizes activities that include labor, I take it as priority for active participation in it.”

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Sai, while sharing her experience, says “For the Water Foundation, I have been visiting the western Maharashtra for almost three years. The Sarpanch of one village, taking a look at the spade in my hand, once said ‘Never have I seen any heroine, in our village, contributing her physical efforts for our betterment’. These words always keep me grounded and inspire me each day to strive even harder”.

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“Monetary Donation is easy, but Shramdaan is something more important for me as I believe in the saying ‘Unity is Strength’. If we come together, we can make Maharashtra a better place, a water-full place to live in. I am more than happy to be a part of Aamir Khan’s initiative to make Maharashtra Drought-free” said Sai as she left the premises.