Safety Tips for Holi “Tips to keep our children safe this festival season

Safety Tips for Holi ” Tips to keep our children safe this festival season”

1. Adult supervision at all times is important. Do not leave children alone.

2. Educate children, friends and family on using safe, non-toxic colours.

3. Since the floor will be wet, instruct children to be careful while walking or running.

4. Water balloons should be avoided.

5. Water balloons and pichkaari should be used away from the face, especially the eyes and ears.

6. If you have to travel on Holi, make sure that the windows of the car are closed so that balloons/ colours are blocked from coming in.

7. Make sure the driver is not under the influence of ‘bhaang’ or alcohol.
Surveys have shown that road accidents increase by 30-40 percent during Holi, so please drive carefully.

8. Safe Baby recommends using gel colours instead of powder colours to
protect the skin since they are easy to remove. Also, gel colours do not get blown into the eyes of young children.

9. Do not let children put any colours in the mouth.

10.If colour goes in your or your child’s eye, wash with plenty of water and do not rub the eye.

11.If a large drum is used to store water for Holi, make sure children do not lean into the bucket. Being head heavy young children can fall into it.

12.Make children wear full sleeves clothes and long pants to protect the sensitive skin of the child.

13.Apply oil or cream all over the body to prevent the colours from sticking on the skin. Oil the child’s hair before she goes down to play Holi.

14. Safe Baby recommends that parents have a list of emergency contact
numbers ready. This list should include phone numbers of your pediatrician, closest hospital and ambulance. This list should be saved on your mobile phones or kept in a place where it can be found easily.

Have a safe Holi.