Sachiin Joshi goes the Aamir Khan way for Mumbai Mirror!

Sachiin Joshi goes the Aamir Khan way for Mumbai Mirror!


Gone are the days when Shah Rukh Khan would sport the same look, irrespective of whether he was playing the romantic Raj in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or the depressed Devdas.


Experimenting with looks is the in-thing and Bollywood actors have begun going to great lengths to get the skin of their characters. Salman Khan toned his body further and added a moustache for Dabangg. Akshay Kumar will follow suit playing a policeman in Rowdy Rathore. Aamir Khan actually grew a moustache to fit into the cop’s role in Talaash. And as if these are not enough, Bollywood has a new chameleon now.


Sachiin Joshi, whose debut film Aazaan stunned the industry with its amazing action and production values last year and even bagged a Stardust Award for it, is pulling all stops to play a quirky cop in his next film Mumbai Mirror.


To begin with, just like Aamir, the actor is growing a stylish moustache for it, instead of going for a fake one. “Having the perfect look goes a long way in making the character look authentic. Its amazing, the way Aamir manages to change his look to suit his character in almost every movie he does,” remarks Sachiin.



But the newbie is not just stopping at a facial change! Just as Aamir did for his other film Ghajini, Sachiin is undergoing rigorous physical training, with his trainer having put him on a strict diet regimen too. Having lost a lot of kilos and toned up his body, the Aazaan star aspires to look every bit of the tough but whimsical cop he portrays in Mumbai Mirror.


Directed by Ankush Bhatt, of Bhindi Bazaar Inc. fame, the movie mirrors the Mumbai underbelly and revolves around the nexus between powerful corrupt dance bar lords and the Mumbai Police.