Roopal Tyagi breaks down shooting for her first supernatural episode in Laal Ishq

Roopal Tyagi breaks down shooting for her first supernatural episode in Laal Ishq

Roopal Tyagi

Actor Roopal Tyagi, best known for portraying a fierce, strong-headed character in a daily soap is now all set to mark her debut in the supernatural fantasy genre with &TV’s Laal Ishq. Roopal will be seen portraying the role of a fearless and independent girl who via a dating app matches with Raghav only to realise that the man of her dreams is actually a monster. 

Sharing her experience of venturing into the supernatural genre, Roopal said, “I did not anticipate that shooting for a supernatural show would be such a tedious affair. It was much tougher than I thought and I literally cried for six hours straight. There was a sequence that required me to fall on the floor and subsequently crawl up a flight of stairs, screaming and crying all along. Although my elbow and knees were badly bruised, I returned home as a very satisfied actor that day and the entire team including the director really appreciated my performance. It was a spooky yet quite an interesting start and I forth to exploring many such roles in this genre again. Laal Ishq is a fun show. It is not only supernatural but it also has the element of romance. I had a gala time romancing a “bhoot.”

Roopal shared “ Like many, I too initially had a few misconceptions about online dating, but being the millennial kid, I decided to give it a shot. For a brief period of time, I experimented with a few apps. I honestly believe that the online dating trend has helped to break the Indian cultural barriers that have been set within genders. It’s a new style which allows like-minded people to mingle at an easier and convenient level. Earlier people would hesitate in taking the first step to knowing each other but the online space has even encouraged women to make the first move. Having said that, I also believe that the concept of online dating is still new and cannot really replace what a first meet sparks between two people. Despite all said and done, people really need to be safe and precautious with what they share about themselves and with whom. Mingling with others must never be done at the cost of one’s own safety.”

In the upcoming episode of &TV’s Laal Ishq viewers will see Raghav, the dating monster who is looking for a family, finds Manisha via a dating app. Will Manisha be able to rescue from Raghav?

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